Google’s VPN Finally Arrives on Windows and macOS

The Google One VPN desktop client on a PC and Mac.

After a long wait, Google’s VPN is now available on Windows and macOS. All Google One subscribers who pay for 2TB of cloud storage (or more) can install the company’s desktop VPN client through the Google One web portal.

The Google One VPN originally launched as an Android-exclusive perk, though it arrived on iOS devices in early 2022. We’re not sure why Google waiting so long to launch a desktop app, as VPN clients aren’t very complex or difficult to build. Better late than never, I guess.

As you may know, a VPN obscures your identity to increase your privacy. Websites cannot see your IP address when you use a VPN, and your ISP can’t track activity that’s tunneled through a VPN service.

While the idea of using a Google-made VPN may seem a bit counter-intuitive (after all, Google doesn’t really care about your privacy), the Google One VPN is independently audited and shouldn’t present any serious concerns. You can also review the company’s code at GitHub, if you’re so inclined.

If you pay for 2TB of Google One storage (or more), you can install the company’s desktop VPN from the Google One web portal. Note that this desktop client doesn’t support Windows on ARM, and it requires Windows 10 or macOS Big Sur (or later versions of these operating systems).

Source: Google via Android Police