Windows 11 Is Testing Passkeys for Apps and Websites

Computer running Windows

It’s no longer the 90s or 2000s, it’s the 2020s, and passwords are old news. These days, everyone from Google, Apple, and even Microsoft is ditching passwords for passkeys. And while it’s a slow shift, Microsoft has started testing passkeys in Windows 11.

According to Bleeping Computer, Microsoft has a new passkey system for Windows Hello that lets users easily sign into apps and websites without a password. Instead, you’ll use a fingerprint, pin, or face scan.

The latest Insider Preview Build (23486) details the changes, where users can go to a website that supports passkeys, create one in settings, then log out. When you log back in, you can access that site or app with a face scan or passkey.

Passwords are a big security risk, not all that secure, not to mention a huge hassle when you have so many to remember. That’s why all the big players are collaborating on a passwordless future.

In a browser like Chrome or Edge, you’ll see a prompt for “Windows Hello or external security key” options. And while this isn’t necessarily new for Microsoft Edge, integrating it into Windows Hello makes it easily accessible for users.

“Once a passkey is created, users can use Windows Hello (face, fingerprint, PIN) to sign in. In addition, users can use their phone to complete the application logon process.”

The idea is to eliminate the need to remember or manage multiple passwords. Instead, users can sign in with biometric data like fingerprints or facial scans. However, all our devices and accounts must work together, so it’s a convoluted process that’ll take time to become the go-to method for everything.

Google officially rolled out passkey support earlier this year, and all the major players are working towards one standard that’ll hopefully make passkeys a seamless option in the future.

via The Verge