Galaxy Z Fold 5 Has a Nearly Gapless Hinge in New Hands-on Photos

We don’t expect the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to introduce any major upgrades—it will be very similar to its predecessor. However, new hands-on images show that Galaxy Z Fold 5 may use a “waterdrop” hinge, which will significantly reduce the size of its screen gap and potentially reduce screen creasing.

In a now-deleted Twitter post, AhmedQwaider888 shared three images of the purported Galaxy Z Fold 5. These images focus on the phone’s screen gap, which is nearly nonexistent. If these images are genuine, then they confirm previous rumors of a “waterdrop” hinge. (Several other foldables, including Google’s Pixel Fold, use a “waterdrop” hinge.)

The smaller hinge is aesthetically pleasing, for sure. And it should prevent large debris from slipping between the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s inner display (when closed and in your pocket, for example). But small particles, such as dust and sand, can almost certainly fit in the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s narrow gap.

For what it’s worth, leaker Ice Universe claims that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will not “meet the IP58 dust-proof standard.” This isn’t much of a surprise—hinges and foldable displays are fragile and easily affected by small particles. Still, this phone should offer the same IPX8 water resistance that we enjoyed in the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is expected to debut at a Samsung Unpacked event in late July. That said, orders may not ship until early August.

Source: AhmedQwaider888 via Android Police