Google Fit adds exercise and nutrition tracking features

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Google’s fitness tracking app for Android, Google Fit, isn’t exactly the best known health service out there. But its newest features may help elevate its profile.

In a post on its Android blog Thursday, Google announced a handful of new features and integrations for Google Fit designed to make the app’s offering more comprehensive.

Google Fit now integrates with more external apps, and adds new exercise tracking features to Android Wear devices.

For runners and cyclists, Google Fit now displays real-time statistics on speed, time, distance and calories burned, along with a map of your route. If strength training is your exercise of choice, Android Wear devices can track your push-ups, sit-ups and squats, saving all of that data in the Fit app.

On the other side of the health spectrum, Google Fit now integrates with a handful of nutrition and sleep tracking apps.



The cardio and strength training features are available in Google Fit’s latest software update, while the app integrations with nutrition and sleep trackers will roll out in the next few days.

Pushing out a meaningful update like this is a smart move at this time of year. The holiday season is upon us, and fitness trackers continue to make popular gifts. Following on the heels of the holiday season is New Year’s — in other words, the time everyone goes out and gets a gym membership.

Google Fit hasn’t yet made a huge impact in the world of health tracking, but the update does at least make it a more compelling product.