OMNI3D Factory 2.0 Industrial 3D Printer Launches (video)

OMNI3D Factory 2.0 Industrial 3D Printer

Polish 3D printer manufacturer OMNI3D has this week launched its new Factory 2.0 Industrial 3D printer which offers a large 500 x 500 x 500 mm build volume and is equipped with dual extruders together with a wealth of useful automated features.

The Factory 2.0 3D printer has been specifically designed for industry and is already being used in aviation, electronics, engineering and automotive design throughout Europe, US and Australia.

Check out the video below to learn more about the inspiration behind the Factory 2.0 Industrial 3D printer which is now available to purchase. Konrad Sierzputowski, responsible for technology development for OMNI3D explains :

The use of 3D printing globally is constantly increasing. It is mainly used for the production of spare parts for production lines and equipment (33%), prototyping (16%), in R&D departments and education (10%), production of models (9%) and patterns for metal castings (8%). The technical parameters of Factory 2.0 mean that it can be used in all these fields. Therefore, in OMNI3D we believe that every Polish industrial company should be interested in the opportunities from implementing 3D printing systems.

Sławomir Mirkowski, responsible for operations and finance for OMNI3D adds :

The device is of great interest, primarily because of its technical parameters, the attractive price and low operating costs. We estimate that, compared to other industrial solutions on the market, the cost of buying our printer is 4 times lower, and operating costs can be up to 5 times lower – depending on the application. This means, the devices can be used by small and medium-sized companies that have not yet been able to afford them before.

Specifications :

Print technology: FFF – Fused Filament Fabrication
Compatible materials: ABS-42, ASA-39, HIPS-20
Working surface: 500 x 500 x 500 mm
Layer height: 140 micrometers – 300 micrometers
Positioning precision: XY: 7.8 micrometres Z: 0.6 micrometres
Heads: 2 replaceable extruder modules, liquid-cooled
Chamber: aluminium, closed, thermally insulated
Working platform: heated glass surface
Maximum head temperature: 360 °C
Operating temperature: 20-35 °C
Filament diameter: 1,75 mm
Head diameter : 0,4 mm
Software: Simplify3D
Connection: SD card
Controlling: 7-inches LCD touch screen

For more information and to request a price for the OMNI3D Factory 2.0 Industrial 3D Printer, jump over to the OMNI3D website for full specifications by following the link below.