Razer reportedly working on gamer-focused smartphone

Razer is a company known for its gaming mice, keyboards, and laptops, but the company could soon get into another product category: phones.

Razer is working on a mobile phone, claims a new report from Bloomberg. Details of the device are unknown, but it’s said that Razer is targeting “hardcore gamers” with its upcoming handset.

While unofficial, a Razer phone that targets gamers wouldn’t be a huge surprise. Razer acquired Nextbit, makers of the Robin Android phone, earlier this year, so Razer’s got some folks with experience making phones. And as I said before, Razer already targets gamers with its laptops and peripherals, so it makes sense that it’d continue to focus on gamers with its mobile device.

What’s unclear is how exactly the Razer phone would cater to gamers. It’d presumably have high-end specs, but Razer would probably want to do more to make it stand out to hardcore gamers.

Does a gamer-focused Razer smartphone interest you?