Xiaomi takes on DJI with its ultra


It’s here – Mi Drone the first drone quadcopter of Xiaomi was officially presented. It comes with a 360-degree 4K camera attached below, along with a remote control that uses your smartphone as a viewfinder.

One of the main advantages, with which Xiaomi is proud of its Mi Drone is modularity and servicing. Each part of this drone can be easily removed and replaced with another. The battery has a capacity of 5,100mAh and also can be changed very easily.


The 4K camera of Mi Drone has a 12.4-megapixel sensor of Sony, which can record videos at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second. It also can take images in RAW format. The good news is that the camera has a 3-axis stabilization, which corrects image 2,000 times per second and it is supported by an optical sensor.


Xiaomi Mi Drone can be controlled within 2 km distance as this distance support HD streaming in 720p quality. The controller has a dedicated button for taking off and landing – with one push it take off, and with little long press lands.

Like many other modern drones, Mi Drone is able to fly and record, following a planned route. The earlier information about the function “Follow Me”, which was rumored to be present in Mi Drone proved not to be true.

Xiaomi Mi Drone have two versions one with 4K camera and another with Full HD 1080p camera. The price will depend on the version: this with 4K is sell for just $450, while the model with Full HD camera cost $380.

Xiaomi notes that Mi Drone with 1080p camera will be available on May 26, while 4K option will be available for testing by an open beta program at the end of July.