Slack voice calls come to all users


Slack continued their fast development in the world of corporate communication and today was finally released the function for voice calls, which we know from long time. Until now she was available to a small test group which tested her functionality.

Here’s how it works: if you use Windows or Mac desktop application of Slack, Slack or in Google Chrome, you’ll see a new icon phone in the upper right corner of the page.


In iOS and Android applications, users can make calls by pressing the “Start Call” from the dropdown menu.

Anyone who uses the free version of Slack, it can call only one subscriber, and those who pay for the service will be able to make and group calls. When someone starts a conversation, you will see a message asking you to join him.


You can answer the phone even with emoticons. Clicking on one of the pre-selected emoticons will show above your avatar along with fine sound, your approval, disapproval or question.


Slack voice calls are available on all supported platforms except Windows Phone. Still no information on when and whether Slack plans to begin work on video chats, but if it happens, Skype will definitely have a serious competitor.