Phone case lets you run Android on iPhone


The developer Nick Lee has created a reputation of a man who puts all sorts of operating systems on Apple devices, such as Windows 95 in version of Apple Watch. His new idea however is really challenging – he was able to run a fully functional version of Android, on iPhone.

There is only one requirement – the magic to happen, you need this special 3D-printed Case.


Lee decided to make a cloned version of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) of Android Marshmallow, which combined with three-dimensional printed case which can fit a phone of Apple.

At first glance the gadget was quite bulky and heavy, but Lee manages to clear the design and reach the size of a standard case for smartphone. Moreover, he even manages to add options for HDMI, USB ports, and SD slot.

The actual launch on Android happens through special application Tendigi from the home screen.