Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core now at Kickstarter


Say “Hello” to the new additions to the product line of smart watches Pebble: Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2. They come with built-in heart rate monitors with health and fitness parameters.

Pebble 2 reminiscent of the original Pebble with 1.26-inch monochrome display and has a similar sporty design, now with a softer and more flexible silicon strap. The new watch is again water resistant up to 30 meters, so you can swim with it without worries.

There is a button for quick release of the 22 mm strap to replace it with another. The size of the watch is 39.5 x 30.2 x 9.8 mm. It is available in five different colors – black, white, aqua, lime and flame. The battery must withstand seven days before recharging.


It should be noted that heart rate monitor continuously tracks heart rate – as when you are active and when relaxing. Heart rate is monitored every 10 minutes. The heart rate of the Pebble Time 2 works the same way.

Pebble Time 2 is made of stainless steel rather than plastic as the previous generation. The strap still remains silicone, but you can always buy a separate leather or metal for $30 or $50. The price of Time 2 is $199. It has a color e-ink screen and boasts a 10-day battery life. The physical dimensions are: 40.5 x 37.5 x 10.8 mm.


But the big difference of Time 2 compared to the first generation is that it has a much larger screen – 1.5 inches diagonally, which is about 50 percent more than last year’s model. The display resolution has also increased – 200 x 228 pixels, which means about 80% higher pixel density than before.

In addition to the new hardware, Pebble also update its software, which has become much more refined and functional. Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 are available for pre-order on Kickstarter today. Later they will be sold for $129 and $199, now their prices in Kickstarter are $99 and $169 dollars.

Deliveries are expected in September this year. With the watches Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 was released and another device called Pebble Core. It has built-in GPS receiver and 3G connectivity.


Core don’t have screen but can connect wirelessly to the Pebble watch, providing access to various functions and control the music player. You can attach it to your clothes, bag or bicycle.

Among the possibilities of Pebbel Core are music streaming from Spotify via 3G or Wi-Fi; send an SOS message to preset number and data synchronization with popular fitness apps such as Runkeeper, Strava, Under Armour Record, MapMyRun and Google Fit.

It has 4GB of memory for storing music. The battery lasts 5.5 hours with included GPS, music player. Charging is via cable and wirelessly using Qi charger, which is sold separately.

The operating system that runs Pebble Core, is Android 5.0. Its price at Kickstarter is $69, and later will be $99. Deliveries will start in January next year.