Facebook rolls out suicide prevention feature


After a series of disturbing cases in the social network, Facebook announced the result of a two year project seeking to identify and react to dangerous behavior that could be interpreted as suicidal tendencies.

Considering that many of those 1.64 billion people who use the site every day and share their feelings and thoughts, Facebook hopes will be able to detect trends in time about suicide and self-harm.

For this purpose, the social network has launched a new feature that allows users to tag suspicious posts. When this happens, Facebook will examine them and will try to come into contact with the user who marked the post to get more information and support to prevent potential tragedies.

Furthermore, the next time the person who posted the alarming message logs in, he will receive a series of options that it offers different ways to search for help. Facebook points out that the study from February this year revealed that almost a third of the shared in the network posts are connected to some form of negative feelings.